Transforming Your Small Business From Physical to Digital



From Physical to Digital: Why your small business should step up your eCommerce

Whether it’s an eCommerce store or building a social media presence, put simply, if you’re looking to grow and flourish, online is where you need to be. It may seem like a big jump, especially knowing that Google will see over 5.4 million searches per day.


But let’s pull things back for a moment. Understanding your online presence shouldn’t be a challenge; all you need to do is break it down into manageable pieces that you can explore and deliver to your customers.



Benefits of eCommerce


Opportunities through online eCommerce are only growing.

It goes without saying that building an online presence for your business holds a wealth of benefits above traditional brick and mortar storefronts. If you’ve never considered making this investment, perhaps a breakdown of some of these advantages can sway you in the right direction.



Cheaper Running Costs


It might come as a surprise, but a website comes at a fraction of the cost of a traditional store.


A massive advantage of running an eCommerce website comes with the cost reductions of enticing consumers. Many physical stores have considerable upfront costs, including rent, staff, interior and upkeep building costs that can even leave you out of pocket.


Compare this to an online store, and you’ll be saving a fraction of the upfront cost. The more extensive audience exposure can drive more sales and leave you further in profit than in your previous business approach.


Easier Management


Everything you need is accessible in one place; it’s that easy. Easily coordinate your business from finance management, product inventory, and streamline processes to deliver their purchases efficiently.


Gather data and understand your consumer base in more detail than ever before – helping to deliver on-brand, strategic marketing approaches.


Working Remotely


Become the boss you set out to become; log in whenever or wherever works best for you. Forget the pressure of time schedules and showcase your services and product even when you’re offline.


Reactive Marketing


Let’s hop into the dynamic world of Social Media and Reactive Online Marketing; building an online presence can be crucial to gaining exposure. Right now, more than 54% of the world’s population (2021) are using social media platforms daily.


So, why not get your product in front of all those potential customers.


Firstly, invest time in your online presence, build social media profiles, and update Google for your contact and eCommerce store information. Give your product/store the best opportunity to be discovered online – easily!


Ready to take things up a notch?


Social media platforms including Facebook/Instagram, Snapchat and Tiktok alongside Google Advertising allow businesses like yourself to gain exposure in front of direct consumers based on their internet and interest activity. You can quickly re-direct consumers straight back to your website, leading to immediate, quick sales and traffic.

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