2021 Year In Review



If the last 12 months has taught us anything, it’s that life is unpredictable.

No doubt that 2021 brought its own share of challenges. And after the winter lockdown and what seems like a plethora of new covid variants, there have been quite a few. However, despite the ongoing upheaval, this was our biggest year yet in many ways.


After being forced to develop a new way of working, flexible working is here to stay. In addition to being beneficial in balancing work and family life, it also makes the times we meet to work and socialise together more memorable.


As an agency, we are known for our storytelling, and we build brands across all touchpoints from a core creative idea. We’ve built on those strengths and are now tackling some bigger, more extensive and global branding projects that cover everything from branding to communications.


New Parternerships

Meet some of our newest clients turned best friends. We work together, Zoom together, and will probably adopt a dog together soon. Too far?


  • Curtis Brown Coaching is getting new website coming in 2022 and ongoing marketing services
  • Sharon McNulty worked with us on a new brand, design and a membership website
  • Hempoid received a new website and ongoing marketing services
  • FacetherapyNI trusted us with a complete brand revamp including logo designs and a new website with eCommerce and booking intergrations


We’ve also continued to work alongside many more new clients and our highly valued existing clients, whom we treasure and are delighted to count as part of the Design NI family. 


On a personal note…

This was also the year I finally got to marry my best friend.


I know I couldn’t have gotten through 2021 without the support of my wife.


Natasha is a talented, committed and passionate person, but I think the biggest common strengths we share are empathy, comradery and a willingness to look out for each other when it matters most. Long may this continue.

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